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Blink-182 Signature Study

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Over the past several years, I have been compiling authentic exemplars, and working hard to put them within a specific date range. This gives us a nice way of seeing how the band's signatures have loo

I just hate to punish the true collectors just because of a few dirtbags...and lets be honest this thread doesn’t get too many posts in it (other than me and Oliver) so hiding it deeper would make it 

Don’t know that it gets any better than Mark personally mailing you your favorite lyrics:

Posted Images

Got my signed copy of Sekret Machines Book 2 from the live signing in, you can see Tom signing them here which is kinda funny to see how careless he is and how he flies through them. (Should start around ~13:55, and he signed a lot of these sideways for some reason)

Here is mine:


Also here are some authentic drum heads from Mark, another smiley appearance. He usually adds more to drumheads for some reason, I love when he adds "blink-182":



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Not signed, but memorabilia related. Guy is selling original Boxcar Racer promo stickers in bulk for $1 each. 10 for $10, or send him an offer for less than 10. (I think he's doing 4 or 5 minimum since postage costs $2.61 USA). 

Really rad, not sure when/if they'll pop up again but certainly worth getting 5 for $5 and throwing it on a guitar/case: BCR Stickers


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17 minutes ago, Ry-Bread said:

@Patient #48273 how much is it? I think I could probably ship them to Canada as a “letter” for a couple bucks, let me know I’ll get some more and save you a couple.

It's $15 for priority international. I messaged him to see if he could send them as letter mail, but if he can't, I might take you up on that offer.

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Couple recent autographs from Tom in Rome, the guitar was signed in a crowd waiting for him, CDs were signed with "TD" but he did the "TOM Doodle" on the guitar which is cool:


This was signed yesterday in the airport and is really about as nice as it gets:


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11 hours ago, Ry-Bread said:

FYI on blink182merch.com you can get signed copies of California for $20. Probably ones they found leftover from the initial pre-order offer through King’s Road Merch. Awesome deal if you need one! ;)

Need one!  Thanks!

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Fake, do not bid. This seller has a few red flags that should make you hesitate without even having to know much about the signatures.

1. Out of the country (Mexico)
2. Several .99 cent CDs all "signed" by big names

Always keep in mind that scammers (especially on eBay) are looking to make a quick buck, sadly scribbling on your old middle school CDs is a good way to do that on eBay.


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Couple things to add:

1. 2018 Las Vegas VIP signed ticket. This only came with the highest tier VIP package for the Vegas Residency. Kinda sucks considering that package was $500+ IIRC, and it especially sucks when Trav signs the worst spot possible and uses his short sig (2nd pic)




2. Travis Barker signed Funko that was a part of a FSAS X-Mas package (Was halfway tempted, but then saw they were $75 and you're about to see why I am so glad I passed). If I paid $75+ shipping for this, I would be pretty bummed about the signature quality. This happens when either the surface is too slick for a sharpie (and you need a paint pen), or you just need to switch sharpies ASAP! Side Note: I'm not into Funkos but someone got me Mark/Trav for X-mas which was cool, still really weird they don't have a Matt or Tom?



Last, another hilarious forgery to learn from. These are awful attempts, but the funny part is the forger saw examples of Trav's "short sig" and assumed it was Tom... so instead of forging Tom, they forged Trav twice LOL. This is the type of junk that people slang on eBay often. Just laughable:


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