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Tom Delonge's Sticker Strat


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For the people that have built a Tom Delonge sticker strat, I'm curious to know what pots you used for the volume & tones? Originally Tom's strat would of had three single coils so would of had three 250k pots, but I wonder if they would of been left in when the pickups were changed or if the volume was changed to a 500k as there was the x2n humbucker in the bridge & usually you would use a 500k with a humbucker! What did you guys use as the difference in pots would change the sound of the pickups quite a bit, so I'm curious to what your thoughts are & to know what to use for mine?! Some people prefer 250k's or 300k's to 500k's in single coils & or humbuckers & vice versa, I just don't know what to try & dont wanna end up with it sounded not quite right..or am I just being mega anal?! I hope some of what I've put makes sence to some of you!!

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On 3/6/2018 at 2:35 PM, iamjon said:

Its unlikely that they wouldve been left as 250k. 500k is industry standard for humbuckers although everybody has their own preference. The 500k will help brighten up the humbuckers

Thanks! I've gone for 500k all round, gonna try it out tonight at practice as I've just got it back and haven't played it plugged in yet..

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