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Blink Vegas Residency

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Tom is probably reeling, he'd have love this type of stuff. 16 shows in one spot. Easy cash to fund his aliens, he'd have been loving it. They should just ask him to join them onstage. It would s

BCR is more of a blink album than Cali

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33 minutes ago, Olidamus said:

 Really don’t understand why they won’t bring out 6/8

It is arguably one of their best songs of the new era

because it's gonna sound like complete shit live. 

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21 hours ago, LeeannTweedenUSMC said:

If Feldman replaced Tom would we then be ok with all of Feldman’s ideas?

We already have to take a leap in acceptance with Tom gone, what’s it matter now if the producer is writing with them. 

Yeah sure. If Feldmann replaced Tom and Mark produced the album I'd be fine with that. 

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Loved Wasting Time, I like how Mark said “nuts” and added “...or a guyyyy” at end lol. So glad they played a DLX song, I know Parking Lot gets a lot of hate but it’s a banger IMO and sounded good live. Yeah Matt screwed up the intro but he recovered and I was surprised he hit the hammer ons during the bridge!

Hope they add Misery and 6/8 to the rotation, 6/8 should sound fine live it’s easy.

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Wasting time actually sounded really good and is proof that they need to dust off some more stuff.

parking lot was good too all things considered. Matt just sounds so bad. He stands there all awkward with his legs bent like he has a dildo stuck up his ass or something. He doesn’t sing; he shouts, his guitar playing and tone are miserable.... and.  I’m starting to wonder if they intentionally turn the volume down on his stuff because they’re afraid he’s gonna fuck up 

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