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1997-07-09 Vancouver, Canada - PNE Lagoon (Vans Warped Tour '97) - Mark's road report

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Here's a road report from 21 years ago! - I just retrieved it from a very old text file that I saved on one of my HDs

1997-07-09 Vancouver, Canada - PNE Lagoon (Vans Warped Tour '97) - Written by Mark 



July 9, 1997 Vancouver

I didn't feel like doing much today, so I didn't. I got up early and helped Kevin (our merch guy) set up the merchandise. Then, I took a shower and got some breakfast. The catering in Vancouver was great. We played early again... got our stuff ready and played. I don't think that the people here got our jokes. Or else they did and we just weren't funny at all. Afterwards, I sold t-shirts for a while and met some people. We did interviews for some snowboarding magazines and I took a nap on the bus. When I got up, Millencolin was about to play, and they were having some problems. The bass player's amp wasn't working ,so, I ran over and got mine and let him use it for their set. Then, a few songs into their show, the guitar player's set-up started falling over, so I sat there and held it together for their whole set. I was an honorary Millencolin roadie for a day. I walked around for a long time in kind of a daze and somehow ended up on the Vandals' bus, where a party was in full swing. When I got on, Warren was completely naked with music blaring and he was pulling his penis as hard as he could , and singing into it like it was a microphone. And the bus was packed with people. I hung out there for a while and came back on our bus and am now going to sleep.


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