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Finally got this painted up, I think it turned out pretty nice!  

holy fuck I'm shaking.  Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour.   Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned  how blink-182online wa

I’ve been dabbling in wood carving the last few months. This ones not done, but thought I would share

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I don't see why anyone should feel obligated to feel sorry about Toms AVA shack burning down.

It's not like he won't get a nice hefty insurance check if it actually does catch fire. It would probably be of benefit to him, assuming that the operation is as costly and unprofitable as I imagine it is.

It would be different if it was his house. This is an office building with AVA shrines everywhere. All of his awards and whatnot seem to be in his recording room at his home (based on his modlife tour videos)

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I'm not touching this burn down the studio thing with a 30 foot pole, but I am genuinely interested, what the fuck happened to his teeth?  Think he removed them so he'd stop slurring when he sings live?

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His teeth are there, you can see them, they are just set in front further than the others. Why is this an issue?


haha I was just kidding, I can see what's up, he clearly just needs some adult braces. 

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yeah wtf he clearly has missing teeth, he never had that gap before




It looks like in the video the teeth are still there, just pushed back, probably cuz his other teeth decided to grow in weirdly over the last year or so.  Its definitely odd looking, but I don't think its unheard of.

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lol no kidding. and what kind of grown man's teeth "grow weird" in a year. y'all are delusional haha

what kind of young person with money goes around with missing teeth?
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