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Finally got this painted up, I think it turned out pretty nice!  

holy fuck I'm shaking.  Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour.   Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned  how blink-182online wa

I’ve been dabbling in wood carving the last few months. This ones not done, but thought I would share

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Still find it pathetic that he's trying to hide the fact that he OWNS this app.

Everything he peddles on here will be $$ straight in his pocket.

That said, I'll definitely buy a print of blinks first set list if the price is right! :) dammit


no, not him. his wife owns it. :)

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one of the prints tom is selling. pretty cool, but why would anyone want a print of a picture of memorabilia?





Yeah, thats stupid. It's almost like Tom had that printed out just for the auction. Some poor sap will pay like $300 for it. Which is why I said before, most of the stuff will be over priced garbage.


Even the guitars, unless there is photo proof of him using it onstage, not interested. For all I know it could be a fabrication. Football stars do that all the time with "game used" uniforms. Some got in trouble.

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if you think about it, Tom really is limiting his bullshit to people who have a ton of money to blow. if some kid in junior high wanted to buy an AVA album or follow Tom's work closely, they'd have to somehow convince their parents that a $60 premium package to a useless website is worth it.


Yeah, but welcome to the world of auctions. If you ever seen www.rrauctions.com ? Everything goes for top dollar. Then they slap on a 20% premium to the bidding price and then they have the fucking never to charge like $50 to ship a piece of paper (to which you know they are pocketing MORE money). Been there, done that. Never again.


That crap is for rich people who got nothing better to do.

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lol it isn't an auction app oliver, shut up about the auction fees.


He's bypassing the blink machine by selling this stuff on his own app. 100% profit, instead of splitting 3 ways with Mark and Travis and paying the merch people.

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But so what? Why should he have to pay Mark and Travis? Its his stuff. Do I have to give Blink a cut when I sell something with their name on it?


Like I said, good for him doing it himself and bypassing the ridiculous auction fees.


As far selling a $10 poster for what I am sure will be big bucks......if people are that stupid, then they get what they deserve. Don't get wrong, I think Tom is taking advantage of fans, but thats nothing new.

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And I never said anyone else needed a cut. Or that it was morally wrong.


Just pointing out that he is deceiving fans by pretending this is an app that invited him to sell his "vintage" shit, when in reality his wife is the CEO.


I think you're one of those people that will take the opposing view on anything just for the sake of arguing.

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