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Finally got this painted up, I think it turned out pretty nice!  

holy fuck I'm shaking.  Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour.   Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned  how blink-182online wa

I’ve been dabbling in wood carving the last few months. This ones not done, but thought I would share

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What he said doesn't really lead to that kind of response no matter how you look at it.


Yeah it does, I am sure I could dig up tons of posts  where he said this setlist sucked and was stale...but because he's on cloud 9 watching Blink, its so amazing, fresh, and how dare I call out another broken promise!. That's weak minded. His opinion changes depending on what time of day it is.


I like Ghent. But sometimes he's just funny.

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stream is down but they are playing violence, see the playlist


Stream hasn't gone out for me.  Seems like its sketchy in different places, hopefully someone has been recording where it never had any hiccups. 

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I very much feel that the epic intro to violence is Mark indulging Tom in his Avaish manners... LOVE IT


I've always said there is a time and a place for Tom's AVA-sound desires.  Asthenia was the first place it ever really shined, and arguably nothing greater from that sound has come to pass.  But I do love the little live things they do like in the outro for Down or the long intro for Violence, its moments like then, that I really like what Tom does with that sound.

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