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The best was the "I break for boys" bumper sticker, and the cops kept pulling them over.



Or the van they had to gas up while it was running because they were afraid if they shut it off it wouldn't start again.


Reading through Tales From Beneath Your Mom and just came across this -


'That same night we had to talk Tom out of a tree and handcuff Rick Devoe to a chair. But that's another story completely'. 


I'd like to know what drugs those guys were on. 



Nah, late teens early 20's are amazing. Its right when you get the car and get freedom but are still young enough to have a good time. I did tons and tons of stupid crap like this and there were no drugs involved. Okay, maybe some alcohol though.

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^ True, but when your in your early 20s, a rockstar with a lot of money, and that same appetite for fun and destruction, drugs are likely going to enter the equation at some point.  If I had to guess the drugs these guys have done, I'd say marijuana, LSD (Mark has confirmed he was slipped some in a drink he had unbeknownst to him, and thats what Fighiting The Gravity is about), pain killers (for sure for Tom), possibly cocaine, and possibly mushrooms.  I really can't imagine they have done anything more dangerous than all of that.

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I've always thought that it would be cool if Mark and Tom travelled with Travis by cruise instead of flying places separately. Surely they could get a boat to Brazil?


the same cruise he took to Europe, Queen Mary 2, also stop in South America http://www.queenmarycruises.net/queen-mary-2-schedule/


is really sad that they never have been here in Chile or other country down here.

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I would pay good money to watch Scott try some of Travis' parts


If things didn't end so poorly, it would have been pretty cool to have made Scott the touring outside of North America drummer.  Literally everybody in that situation would be happy.


Truth be told though, I don't think Scot would be able to handle a lot of what Travis does these days.

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