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I'm from southern California, so I have the privelege to travel to beaches, big cities, museums, Las Vegas, all for very cheap. I still have yet to explore everything there is in California.

I do plan on exploring the rest of America, as well as the entire world, but as a "just barely" graduate trying to pay his debt off, it's difficult to travel wherever/whenever if it's not local.

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holy fuck I'm shaking.  Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour.   Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned  how blink-182online wa

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No, I can't read. It's really just pounding on letters at this point, getting random words together to somehow respond appropriate. I'm a god damn anamoly.

I ask because I don't remember seeing you post before. I can see you have a username, I just figured you were one of the regulars who changed their name.

Furthermore, I actually do have a place in mind that you can go, if you're willing to hear it ... respect it even?


I have been inspired to update my profile, add a photo of me at a blink gig last year in London and add my location. Outing myself! Feels pretty liberating!


I guess I was always worried if I started posting I might rack up 5230 posts in no time whatsoever....

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Well, Tom is already selling $100 bundles for his upcoming book and EP. Nothing new here.

I am curious though about the book. That one excerpt was sooo bad. I wonder how much of it had to be rewritten.

Still stoked for the music though.


he who must not be named 

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I guess I was always worried if I started posting I might rack up 5230 posts in no time whatsoever....

I'm ambitious. Anyway, no thank you to Dallas, too far of a drive and a terrible city. However, The Hill Country is lovely, albeit hot. Would you like to know where Scott can go?
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I'm going to be in Dallas in a few weeks. Want to meet up and pretend we traveled from France to Germany instead of the same distance within our own country so we aren't close minded American fuck sticks, Speedo?

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Ah man reading these comments makes me so jealous. I'm from Belgium and I'd love to travel the world, but how do you guys pay these tripsl?? I mean, I have the money to do a 6 month trip across the US but theres rent to be paid, clothes, food, car etc. I can't spend all my money, I need it for a house! There are choiches to be made.


I know I shoud live a little, but you gotta get your finances right. I just can't say: I'll pay 2000 € for a trip to America (you know, airplane, hotel etc included).


Also, I completely understand Americans are fine just travelling in US, because theres pretty much everything you can imagine (mountains, desert, ocean etc). I've actually read recently an interesting topic on reddit: cultural differences between Europe and America. While I actually do agree there are more cultural differences (mainly because of language) in Europe, I think most of us European people do underestimate the existing cultural differences in US. I think (me personally) its because we mainly see US through Hollywood.


I have a friend, who celebrated his 30th anniversary this year, and he went to Australia for 1.5 years, and he had some really really really amazing times there, but now he's back home, his money is gone, has just enough money to pay the rent and has to work hard. Is it worth it? It's the choice you make.


I've always dreamt of visiting the west coast of US, one day I'm gonna do it you fuckers!

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As a kid, I traveled pretty much everywhere in the US with my family. For the past 5 years, I've been traveling the world on my own and have been to nearly 20 countries. All I did was save up a couple of grand at home, hop on a plane and land somewhere, find work and re-fund for a few months, and then keep going. I taught English in Vietnam, did a working holiday visa (which Americans can do in tons of countries - mine was free) in New Zealand, etc.


In third-world countries, finding work is pretty easy without a visa at hostels and shit. You can WOOF or use workaway.info to find jobs. Also, you can work online while you travel and keep it going for a while. Skyscanner.com can yield cheap flights (or shit like ryanair and whizair in Europe), and you can stay for next to nothing in hostels, or use couchsurfer.com, or carry a full pack with a tent and sleep wherever. Or you can buy a sleeper van for cheap, live in it while you travel, and then sell it when you leave.


I know it's hard if you have commitments such as a family or a job you really don't want to leave, but if not, it's pretty easy to pull off. I certainly got around. The more you travel, the more you realize that every exit in America is the same. Boring. No real desire to go to the UK either tbh though: too similar to the US and boring. Even New Zealand was a bit dull after Cambodia and Laos and shit.

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I've lived on long island, ny my whole 23.5 years of life, ill be going to florida for Disney/ universal/ Kennedy space center vacation with my gf for 10 days for my 24th bday in November.....it will be my first time ever on a plane and visiting a state south of north Carolina. The cost of my trip is fucking retarded though and actually sucks a lot of the excitement out of it esp when I get laid off from work at end of December for 3 months.

I wish I could travel more but as previously stated, cost just kills any chance and taking off from work isn't that easy either. I'm also type 1 diabetic and traveling with it is a fucking hassel and a half, can't wait to see how tsa handels my insuling pump and stuff.

Honestly have no real desire to visit another country besides canada to see cities like toronto, montreal, winnipeg, calgary, edmonton, halifax, and the maritimes next year with my gf but we'll see. The us is so big alone I wish I could visit every state and see what the entire state has to offer, I don't know what all of new york even offers! Hopefully I can travels the us at least over my lifetime esp visit alaska

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