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21 minutes ago, Nosferatu said:

All 3 are great! The lyrics probably need to be a bit better for LID though and maybe the bridge but asides from that, it's a good song. Snake Charmer has a couple of dodgy lyrics but it's still a great song I think. I'll always love FTG.


16 minutes ago, Kay said:

Yeah I love all 3. Love Is Dangerous has a lot of potential but Toms weird lyrics and vocal delivery kind of rob it from being great. Plus the synth is too much, but apart from those issues I really enjoy it. FTG is fucking brilliant but I know I'm in the minority there. 

Agreed agreed. I'm a bit embarrassed to blast it because the lyrics, but the song itself, the instrumental, the whole vibe is up there as a blink song.

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i could defend neighborhoods to death though. we were all way too hard on it when it came out. sure, it could have been better but its a super dark and mature album. i even remember older friends of mine who hated blink (associated them with MTV, TRL, etc) telling me they really liked the record. 

i don't really care about tom not listening to the mixes/masters because his taste in production was shit at the time (i.e. the LOVE albums). it was better off left to mark and travis. this has changed over time though, oddly enough.

and yeah the "two versions" of the CD was obviously just a strange marketing move by the label. the shorter version of the record doesn't seem to even be considered the real thing since all future releases of it have been the longer one. 

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But, the reputation points!! I mean, yea, that doesn't really mean anything, I suppose, but I can't help but love me a bit of healthy competition! :P

don't crab this! :P *imagines a buttload of crabs and tomatoes being thrown at me right now. Haha!

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Yeah, I was tough on it at first too...well, not that tough, but I was just stuck on the old sound. And well, I wasn't a big fan of After Midnight (still really am not), but I also didn't hear the bonus tracks then either...

 I mean, there are a few weak moments, IMO, but most albums have that for me. But this one is getting better with every listen...

Not sure if that's saying much in my case tho, cuz I've only known about it for a couple of months now. Haha! :P

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