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5 minutes ago, daveyjones said:

typically the person singing the song wrote it, including the riff. i can ask mark though if you want.

Yes! Please. And also the Adams song riff..? Though that one seems like something Mark could come up with.

Where do you get to talk with him? 😊

Can't sleep, so watching old blink videos on youtube and being nostalgic 🥲

Can't believe i never got to see those guys play live..! 

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45 minutes ago, boxelder said:

i think it was mark that came up w the distinctive WMAA riff. he said in an interview on a podcast earlier this year with chris from LTJ that he was trying to play the riff from JAR by green day but messed up and liked the sound of it.

yes, that's the story i remember.

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12 minutes ago, Cheerios4u98 said:

Plus Tom often (jokingly) complained at shows about how hard the WMAA riff is to play lol


I’d love for blink to continue as a four-piece, though I don’t think that’s likely. Getting Tom back without losing Matt is the best case scenario. Don’t think it’ll happen though.

Them keeping Matt, playing with two guitars and a vocalist that are able to harmonize would mean that they could get rid of those awful backing & click tracks and actually make their live shows more lively again would be a game changer tbh.


But then again, they don’t need Tom for that, just hire a touring session guitarist with the current lineup and we’re golden.

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11 hours ago, theedge00 said:

They’ve only made two records with Skiba, but I think it’s already time to re-invent their sound…

Cali was just a rehash of their older stuff. Nine to some degree as well.

Time to rent another house 🙂

Pls send to Mark: https://www.rentalescapes.com/rentals/luxury-vacation-rentals-usa/california

Toms building a mega mansion with a studio for the reunion album.

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1 hour ago, boxelder said:

love alex melton. the man simply never misses. as a southern american who had to grow up on FM country-pop i love his country covers too. he just signed to pure noise too which is awesome. the wonderwall cover is spot-on

He is really good but he also annoys the piss out of me. No idea why.

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