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I don’t think this radio station is making any announcement lol she probably has industry knowledge though. Why would they make this announcement through a local radio station unless it was kroq, which isn’t what it was five years ago.

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1 minute ago, Mr Blonde said:

I’m listening to some shitty radio station in Chicago from wales ffs. Absolute state of me

felt the same way. like it's 2011 or something. too old for this! we'll see what happens.

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2 minutes ago, Ghent said:

Who the fuck is Q101? lol. They would announce on KROQ or with that Zane Lowe wanker if it was something important.


Yeah exactly. Zane Lowe would be all over it the kiwi tosser

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Just now, Rocky Braveheart said:

How the fuck do you yanks cope with all these adverts? I'm about to van Gogh myself 

It’s normal for them, no wonder theres so many shootings though, I’ve listened for about 20 mins and ordered 3 guns and 48 Grenades, I can’t cope 

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