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4 minutes ago, Speedo said:

I was actually making a joke though … ‘cause of the amount of co-writers California and Nine had …

I’ve looked it up, and sadly KoTW was written by the trio along with Feldy and David Hodges. This doesn’t take away from the song for me, but does indicate that there are actually five Kings of the Weekend which I did not originally account for. 

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46 minutes ago, toypaj said:

Seen this in one of those blink Facebook groups. Apparently if Tom had a midlife crisis in 2022 this would be the result.



Lol, except a little chubbier and less hair (as to be expected for an aging homosapien male). 

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5 hours ago, toypaj said:

The hair is lobsided and everything, honestly dunno where people come up with these things! 😂 Also, I'm pretty sure I remember you from the 182online forums!

You are correct but if you mention it I get slammed for like a week so let’s keep it hush hush

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