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Blink-182 music video filming locations (Google Maps)


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On 10/17/2018 at 12:27 PM, bradsonemanband said:

I've spent way too much time compiling this list of Blink-182 related locations. It's always a popular post on Reddit, so I figured I'd bring it here too in case it hasn't made its rounds here yet. 

-The boardwalk/amusement park they filmed at
-The shootout scene at the end of the original video

-The high school

-The movie theater

-This is the sidewalk they run down -from the right to the left- at the beginning of the video
-This is where the florist lady soaks the kids on the bench with a hose
-This is where they turn the corner and see Janine walking up the sidewalk
-This is where they filmed the banana man
-The cafe they run past
-The scene with the valet
-The scene with the little girl looking through the magnifying glass
-The construction zone they run past
-The antique store that the old man with the TV is sitting in front of at the end of the video
-The closing shot, they run up this sidewalk

-Blink walks from the right to the left down this sidewalk at the start of the video
Fun fact: the buildings next to the loan company is where Blink dumps cash onto people on the sidewalk in the "Rock Show" video.
-The Mexican food restaurant they eat at in the video
-The gas station they're looking at magazines inside of while the lady is outside on the payphone

-Little Blink runs down the same street as in the WMAA video
-This is where Little Blink chases Banana Mark
-Where the live shots were filmed
-The concert venue at the end of the video

-Where they took the homeless guy to get a haircut is at the business to the left of the nail salon
-Where they dropped the car -it was before the building on the right was built
-The building they were on the roof of when they dumped all the cash
-This is where everyone was skateboarding and jumping over the van
-Where the pet store was that they bought the doves from
-The building they bought the TV they smashed

-The burger place
-The water park

-The mansion

-The jail

-The hangar where they filmed the live shots in

-Where the live shots were filmed

-The infamous light pole that Mark climbed and jumped off of when he first met Tom
-The old Sombrero restaurant they would eat and get fan mail at
-The house they did all of their early stuff like print shirts, fold up Buddha tapes, etc.
-The old location of DML Studios, where Blink wrote and demoed Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
-Westbeach Recorders, where Blink recorded the majority of Cheshire Cat
-Doubletime Studios, where Blink recorded their early EPs, Buddha, and additional recording for Cheshire Cat
-Signature Sound, where they recorded Enema, TOYPAJ, Untitled, and also Box Car Racer's album
-EastWest Studios, where they recorded some of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
-Rolling Thunder Studios, where Blink recorded some of Untitled, and where Tom smashed his Fuck guitar
-Tom spotted on Google Maps walking into a Mexican restaurant that used to actually be a Sombrero's location
-Mark spotted on Google Maps walking down the street with his wife and a friend - EXPIRED
-The venue they played their final show at before going on hiatus in 2004

This is so cool man, seriously, and LOL at the random shit section.

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Found another location to add, that is not on the list!

Bertrand's Music Poway : music lesson store where Scott learned how to play the drums.

Also here's a very interesting walkthrough the filming locations of the M&M's music video! Wanted to share it here! Credits to markhrdrums for this footage!


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On 11/9/2018 at 10:05 AM, Zoltan said:

Ha no way, I have a picture from basically that exact spot of the Blink tour posters they were putting up round LA last year. Still can't believe I happened to be on holiday over there when Tom rejoined.

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