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I remastered their early demos


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Just now, Ghent said:

Then why did this guys work sound better than the original there, "champion?"

Let's see what you got. You're all talk. Show me your work.

Learn to read, learn to lsiten, understand what we're talkingabout, then talk to me. Go ahead, champ.

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11 minutes ago, daveyjones said:

the reason i ask, @bradsonemanband , is i have lossless rips from flyswatter / demo #2 / buddha from my original cassettes.

Nope, these are just the rips that I've always had on my computer, so who knows where they came from originally. If you have lossless rips, and don't mind hooking me up with them, I'd totally be down to give them another remastering treatment, to see if we can get them to sound even better. Up to you! 

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29 minutes ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

Any time a new person posts a topic, one of the drunk european douche bags has to chime in. I saw it coming a mile away

Seeing something across the Atlantic a mile away is quite impressive. 

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34 minutes ago, Margie Whipple's Rage said:

I was a little pissy this morning, took it out on you, that's my bad, man. I get what you were saying, I should have found a better way to speak my piece.

No worries, man. I can do it bettter too. There's no problem at all.

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12 minutes ago, Ghent said:

Anyzwayz, let's hear your Flyswatter remasters Ghost. Surely you can whip something up pretty fast, with your level of expertise.

I have a better plan: prove me wrong about anything I've said about sound or sound treatment all this years. Anything you can find. I let you choose. Then, we'll talk.

It's not my business that you live in constant denial. It's not my business that not only me have tod you this kind of things and you keep on mocking it all. As I said, go to learn, and then talk with property about what some of us talk when speaking about production, music industry and recording music.

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