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Top 10 Post-Reunion Blink Songs


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1. Kaleidoscope

2. When I Was Young

3. Natives

4. Love is Dangerous

5. Dogs Eating Dogs


7. Even If She Falls

8. Wishing Well


10. Fighting the Gravity

HM: Bored to Death


What's yours?

#TeamLID #WeStandByFTG #WIWYisunderrated 

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I can’t even think of 10, haha.


In no particular order:

Ghost on the Dance Floor

Heart’s All Gone


When I Was Young


Bored to Death


Neighborhoods is definitely overrated on here.

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1. Kaleidoscope

2. Long Lost Feeling

3. Pretty Little female

4. Heart's All Gone

5. Ghost on the Dance Floor

6. Los Angeles

7. When I Was Young

8. Bored to Death

9. Bottom of the Ocean

10. Fighting the Gravity

Wildcard: Wishing Well, Up All Night, San Diego, Boxing Day

Kinda hard to have them in order but outside of maybe the top 5-6, the rest will kinda rotate around depending on my mood. These are definitely the top 10 for me though. Wanted to put Wishing Well in the top 10 so bad but the bridge kinda lets it down, so I'll give that a wild card spot.

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Half of them were in order but I kept changing my mind so nevermind.

When I Was Young (Most genuine post-reunion song, reflects on the past and present)

Last Train Home (One of the few songs in the Matt era that was appropriately executed - tries something new but is restraint and lets Matt be himself) 

Pretty Little female (Second most geniune post-reunion song, perfect mix of AVA while still being blink, beautiful love song by Tom, rap is the lowest point and out of place but not enough to take away from the song)

Left Alone (Solid banger from the Matt era,  actual good use of the screamy Matt vocals, bridge has a nice +44 vibe and the woah’s actually compliment the song whether than hinder it)

After Midnight (Geniune song, I don’t listen to it much but I heard Tom would usually go off in the bridge live but it wasn’t included in the studio, great lyrics) 

Ghost on the Dancefloor (Takes an AVA song to the next level with the help of Mark and Travis, great lyrics and Travis goes absolute ham in the bridge - one of their creative peaks) 

Bored to Death (Solid first single from the Matt era, a classic in the post-reunion light, not exactly my favorite and some things could’ve been executed better, but the perfect song to ease everyone into the new era) 

Kaleidoscope (Top notch Mark, one of the best progressions for new blink, great lyrics, only suffers because Tom doesn’t play on the track but Mark did a decent job)

San Diego (A highlight of the Matt era, subject lyrics are a bit inappropriate for Matt to sing but he does deliver one of the catchiest blink choruses ever, the bridge however was PERFECT of Matt to reflect on his perspective, one of the few times Feldmann did something right and forced them to explore the uncomfortable - although I would argue that maybe they wanted to avoid the Tom situation and share that new chapter in a more positive light and not do what people expected of Mark. It worked out in the end)

Cynical (Short but sweet song, wish it was longer but it would lose its effect, one of blink’s best openers and Matt’s iconic line creates hype to reel you into the new era, the woahs are unnecessary but you already know how it is)


(In no order)

Rest of DED, Misery, LID (bite me), HAG, EISF, Wishing Well, HISALP, TOTTM, HIS, LLF, Natives, Rabbit Hole, 6/8

(BOTO is cool but would’ve been better if they bothered to changed up the melody between the verse/chorus and not doing a carbon copy of LA)



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