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Simple Creatures New Song!


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12 minutes ago, Kevin. said:

this makes me weirdly excited for new AVA. haven't said that since 2006

Funnily enough, same. I remember before the Dream Walker came out and heard Paralyzed. I just thought it was boring and generic AVA. Then they released the other singles and I liked the change of sound and scenery. Was a breath of fresh air. Was a flawed album but instrumentally and most of the song structures were damn perfect. He kinda regressed with the Nightmares EP and the solo album but Tom kept it up with the Chasing Shadows EP. Melodies, instruments, structuring and the song vibes, he's still fucking great at times. It's his lyrics that let him down.

Just have a feeling new AVA is gonna shit all over new blink. Yeah, blink are probably gonna have more of an impact with album sales, popularity and shit but it won't even come close when it comes to actual quality. The hilarious thing is AVA was never quality. AVA was pretty damn bad at times. They had always had quality ideas though. Sure, this Simple Creatures thing might not be blink but Mark used to be damn good in all the projects he was involved in. It sounds exactly like the recent ATL shit. Sounds like Panic. Sounds like recent Good Charlotte. Sounds like Fall Out Boy. Trash music.

I have no hopes for the new blink album at all currently. Maybe that's a good thing because I might be surprised when I listen to it. But at the moment I'm looking forward to new AVA more than new blink. Can't believe I'm saying that considering I preferred +44 and preferred blink even when Tom wasn't 100% motivated for blink.

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1 minute ago, Champ182 said:

Remember in the Neighborhoods era when they had that scripted answer in every interview about how Tom was the stadium rock and lasers guy, Travis was the hip hop guy who can do anything, and Mark was the indie rock guy?


damn i hated that too.

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