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Star Wars Episode 9 (SPOILERS!!!!)


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The de-aging in Star Wars is very inconsistent lol but I’ve loved every use of it so far. I knew this had to happen. There was no reason to cast Hayden as Vader if we were only ever going to see him in the suit. Hayden wasn’t Vader in Rogue One.

Vader holding two lightsabers was something I didn’t know I wanted. That shit looked so cool haha 

I love Mando and Boba but this is easily my favorite of the three shows so far. It doesn’t quite feel like it has a movie budget but it’s been so good that I don’t care. Ewan was one of the best things about the prequels by far and he’s even better in this. I really hope the finale is a longer episode though. This series could have been a movie at this length unless the finale is extra long.

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Holy fuck this series was great. And just as I was starting to get bummed that they hadn’t played certain musical themes, they played them and it kicked me right in the heart. I can’t wait to watch A New Hope again with this new context. I loved this show so much. Easily my favorite of the Disney+ shows so far.

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Straight up amazing. Why oh why couldn’t that have been a movie trilogy? So fucking awesome but with a bigger budget would have been truly mind blowing.

The only reason I can think of why it wouldn’t work is because it would mess with the order of the movies and be weird for the saga. 

Either way, that was so good and well done for television. Especially dealing with such sacred terrain. Could have been a major botch job. Really stays true to everything that came before and after.

How cool was it to see Vader in full strength really for the first time ever? 


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