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2019 Tour Thread

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This graphic was shared this morning by Blink-Italia supposedly ripped from their website. Seems like some other radio shows/venues have started hinting at it as well. I figured it's time to spin up a thread as we are definitely on the verge of something!



Totally down with Weezy/Neck Deep! Let's go!

EDIT: It's happening!!!!


blink-182 & Lil Wayne Tour:

6/27 | Columbus, OH 6/29 | Hartford, CT 7/01 | Saratoga Springs, NY 7/03 | Indianapolis, IN 7/05 | Hershey, PA 7/06 | Burgettstown, PA 7/07 | Toronto, ON * 7/09 | Holmdel, NJ * 7/10 | Mansfield, MA 7/11 | Bristow, VA 7/13 | Bangor, ME 7/16 | Cuyahoga Falls, OH 7/17 | Darien Center, NY 7/20 | Virginia Beach, VA 7/21 | Columbia, MD 7/23 | Charlotte, NC 7/25 | West Palm Beach, FL 7/26 | Tampa, FL 7/27 | Atlanta, GA 7/29 | Jacksonville, FL 7/31 | Houston, TX 8/01 | Austin, TX 8/02 | Dallas, TX 8/04 | El Paso, TX * 8/05 | Phoenix, AZ 8/07 | San Diego, CA 8/08 | Los Angeles, CA 8/27 | Irvine, CA 8/30 | Portland, OR 8/31 | Seattle, WA 9/02 | Salt Lake City, UT 9/04 | Denver, CO 9/06 | Wichita, KS * 9/07 | Council Bluffs, IA * 9/08 | Kansas City, MO 9/10 | Detroit, MI 9/14 | St. Louis, MO 9/16 | Cincinnati, OH 9/18 | Camden, NJ

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Just got back from the Portland show. It was amazing. They sound so much better than they did when I saw them in 2016, and the crowd seemed way more into it than the last time I saw them too. The plac

you’ve got issues dude

Just got out of soundcheck, was soooo dope. Mark wanted to play Man Overboard but Matt didn’t remember it lol, played Mutt, I miss you, then First Date acoustic twice (they were going to play it tonig

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4 minutes ago, Donald Trump's Bulge said:

Unless Blink is about to release an amazing album, that they will actually play live and incorporate new themes into the show. Whats the point?

Who wants to see a greatest hits set list for like the 1000th time?

Worst part is dude people still go nuts for the hits. I couldn’t believe the pop First Date still gets from the crowd when I saw them with Matt.

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Whaaat, they're coming to Wichita? I don't think blink has ever played in Wichita. Maybe Lil Wayne will get replaced with someone cool for that date.

This should be a fun tour

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1 hour ago, Chewy030 said:

Worst part is dude people still go nuts for the hits. I couldn’t believe the pop First Date still gets from the crowd when I saw them with Matt.

It's nostalgia. I know many casual blink fans (don't own any albums, only remember the singles from back-in-the-day, probably can't even name the members) who went to more recent shows just for a kick. Nostalgic sets sell right now.

Luckily they won't be playing anywhere near me so I don't have to even contemplate wasting my money. 

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16 minutes ago, Ry-Bread said:

The two dates that had pre-orders kicking off in 13 minutes just got yanked and are gone now... weird. 

they probably jumped the gun before Blink actually announces it. 

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