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2019 Tour Thread

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Just got back from the Portland show. It was amazing. They sound so much better than they did when I saw them in 2016, and the crowd seemed way more into it than the last time I saw them too. The plac

you’ve got issues dude

Just got out of soundcheck, was soooo dope. Mark wanted to play Man Overboard but Matt didn’t remember it lol, played Mutt, I miss you, then First Date acoustic twice (they were going to play it tonig

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18 minutes ago, boxelder said:

whenever they rescheduled it the first time, there were reports from people that worked at the venue (on reddit, i think) that attendance was staggeringly low. if they've cancelled it a second time, i wouldn't be surprised if it were for the same reason

yes -- they cancelled on bunbury fest in cincinnati (two hrs south of columbus) in 2018, and said they'd play 2019, then again cancelled. a sold-out stop last year was cancelled because of travis's medical issues, then this tour date was rescheduled, then cancelled. pretty unbelievable lol

They could have moved the show to a smaller venue instead of cancelling again. It probably didn't sell well because people were cautious about buying tickets in case the show got cancelled again.  

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2 minutes ago, Phteven_DeLounge said:

So they're performing in San Diego again. Wow. 


They really need to do a fall tour. Having the tour end the day the album comes out is super silly. Maybe do the tour they were supposed to do last year. 

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2 hours ago, boxelder said:

For Hoppus, the struggle to create songs that are melodic and meaningful is the same as it ever was, as Blink faces an audience that now includes original Blink fanatics hitting their 40s and another generation discovering pop-punk for themselves. “I wake up every day like, ‘I’m never going to write another good song,’” he says. “Then sometimes I’ll write a song, drive home, play it for my wife and go, ‘Look what we did today. Look at this awesome song.’ And then I wake up the next day and go through the whole thing all over again.”

there we go

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27 minutes ago, Ry-Bread said:

Interesting that he talked on the phone with Tom before the tour, wonder if it could’ve been “business” related in regards to playing EOTS in full...

mark: "would you..."

tom: "nope. more likely i'd be abducted by aliens than be seen performing enema with you guys."

mark: "well, you'll still get performance royalties from ASCAP on the songs for which you share writing credit."

tom: "k, cool. i'll dump it right into to the stars. see ya."

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Probably more just a courtesy thing. 

“Hey were going to do this thing. That cool with you?” 

I don’t see why there would have to be any extra ‘business’ discussion just to play a different set list. Maybe promoting it as a the enema tour but it’s otherwise it’s just a set list change.

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On 9/11/2019 at 5:03 PM, boxelder said:

"I'll never say never." Mark on Tom rejoining potentially someday.

Good enough for me for now. No home run but the batter's still alive.

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5 minutes ago, Ry-Bread said:

Is also posted in the NINE thread, but live debut of IRWIHY last night:


Mark forgot the first line of the 2nd verse and the ending is super awk... song has grown on me a bit but this sure seems like a dud live.

I felt like i was watching a band play at a high school ball or something. That was awkward. 

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