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Do you think Tom will rejoin blink? (The 2019 Poll)

Do you think Tom will rejoin blink? (The 2019 Poll)  

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  1. 1. Do you think Tom will rejoin blink?

    • Yes - He'll return and it'll be like one big happy blink family.
    • Yes - but only for a one off show or a last album or some kind of swan song.
    • No - but they'll bridge the gap closer and maybe collaborate in different ways
    • No - There's no way on earth that Tom gets his shit together and Mark lets him anywhere near blink ever again, the recently friendliness is pure marketing bullshit.
    • Yes - but it'll still be a bit of a messy shit show

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46 minutes ago, Ghent said:

Sounds like you have grown out of blink, boxelder...That's too bad since you know so much about them

i don't think so at all. i love blink. i just think the paths they've taken recently haven't been where i've wanted them to go as a fan. a lot of the fanbase feels like that, hardcore and casual fans alike. i was fine with the new song initially, 'cause i dig that type of banal pop shit, but blink to me rises above that.

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If Tom gets back and blink get rid of the songwriters/producers, I can see Matt having a bigger role, provided he stays as a rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist. I would be interested in such an arrangement but not holding my breath.

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Just now, Pussay Patrol said:

yeash and they will release their best album ever and play their last ever show in sydney austraslia so i can go then they'll off emselves on stage so they can't destroy the blink legacy a second time and that'll be that

Where do we have to sign?

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