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Russel Coight

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2 hours ago, Russel Coight said:

Now you're just a stranger
And I feel like I let you down
Your friends say I'm a failure
And I could never prove 'em wrong
So call me when you're lonely
And maybe we can work it out
Fall back in the routines
Like nights I still dream about


On some emo shit is a fucking tune. 

ThE LaSt TiMe ThAt I SaW HeR ShE WaS StAnDiNg On ThE EdGe


Trash, failure of a chorus tho

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20 minutes ago, Madele said:

I tend to forget that the album exists tbh. It's not that I dislike the songs, it just hardly ever crosses my mind to listen to them.

Same. No staying power whatsoever unfortunately. It’s strange because I still find myself rooting for blink to succeed, yet I’m not actually into what they are currently doing lol. Idk, still love all of the dudes though.

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6 hours ago, ...Dan... said:

Just have no desire to listen to this album, meh, we had a good few weeks I guess. 

I don't listen to it anymore, but it's nowhere near as offensive as Deluxe was at the time.

It really has about as much staying power as Simple Creatures for me. Just decent cool songs, but nothing memorable. 

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