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Guys, I fucking love it. I never doubted the lads ? 

Skiba is incredible in no heart to speak of. Fuck me he’s well and truly made me look a right cunt here. What a fucking song. An absolute force of nature. Tornados in my head

shouldn't they play "touchdown boy" though? that would be great.

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14 hours ago, Kay said:

I just really like some of the verse lines, like 'She's the flower that you place on my casket' is quite interesting when paired with the rest of the lines, and the "She's a landslide with the city beneath her" and stuff. almost makes sense and poetic for Mr Delonge. 

I wish we could hear casket in the mix. Glad they included it in the booklet though, and Tom would sing it that way live. 

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On 11/14/2019 at 12:20 AM, Jigsaw said:

Unpopular opinion but Blame It On My Youth is finally starting to grow on me now.

You're not alone, son. I'd pick up that song over On Some Emo Shit without any kind of hesitation. Everytime. Everyday.

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2 hours ago, Russel Coight said:

Now you're just a stranger
And I feel like I let you down
Your friends say I'm a failure
And I could never prove 'em wrong
So call me when you're lonely
And maybe we can work it out
Fall back in the routines
Like nights I still dream about


On some emo shit is a fucking tune. 

ThE LaSt TiMe ThAt I SaW HeR ShE WaS StAnDiNg On ThE EdGe


Trash, failure of a chorus tho

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20 minutes ago, Madele said:

I tend to forget that the album exists tbh. It's not that I dislike the songs, it just hardly ever crosses my mind to listen to them.

Same. No staying power whatsoever unfortunately. It’s strange because I still find myself rooting for blink to succeed, yet I’m not actually into what they are currently doing lol. Idk, still love all of the dudes though.

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