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any news about "Out of My Head"


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14 minutes ago, oliver_makes_good_points said:

I don’t trust Wikipedia as anyone can edit so I went to the Japanese website and translated it on goggle and sure enough it’s “out of my head” and the song credits are composer and lyrics as Mark Hoppus only!

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45 minutes ago, The Bean Twiddler said:

Yea but you think rebel girl is top-tier so who knows what tier this song could be lol

Rebel Girl is on par with anyone on NINE, this fanbase has just gotten so deluded that Tom cannot make a killer song anymore because he's been a joke for so long...but long behold, he comes straight out of the left field and steals our hearts again.

"D-Do you want to go back to where we started?"

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2 hours ago, daveyjones said:

wait til we get nine "deluxe" next year with a dozen new songs and "out of my head" sandwiched into the middle.


Nine Inches

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's Nineteen Ninety Nine Nine Nine

seriously if they just go with 'deluxe' I'll be bummed. 


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