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Blink Live ( TwitchCon Full Show )28/09/19

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Some of y'all, like @Ry-Bread write off the reason for this because it's a gaming festival, what the fuck else are they gonna play - By that logic, why do the festival at all? And I forgot no gamer is

Anyone who thinks Matt sounds good has selective hearing. He literally shouts songs off key. He is horrible.

Blink is in a weird spot where they have pulled fans from more than a couple decades. The new stuff doesnt appeal to those of us likely in our late 30s or 40s that grew up with them pre-EOTS. The majo

19 minutes ago, yodda said:

3 California songs and 1 Nine song?
Never will really understand their set list choosing process.

I understand it for these kinds of shows. It’s like festivals. You have to cater to the mixed crowd. 

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3 hours ago, 2point5 said:

When you paste the link in your post if you give it a few seconds it should just embed itself 

like that. 

When I try and paste in the link to my post it doesn’t show up so end up having to his the little chain icon to add link 

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Mark has had some hilarious banter...

“It’s really cool to be playing here. This is where the Padres lose.” Lmao!

Interesting that Cynical makes such a short set. Also was halfway odd to see them start with Feeling This after the recent EOTS20 set for so long. That truly was a treat we’ll look back on.

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