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Blink Live ( TwitchCon Full Show )28/09/19

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4 minutes ago, Ry-Bread said:

I’m using “corporate” as in it is a business event, a conference booked blink as entertainment for their guests. That crowd was not all there for blink and likely has far more “casuals” than even normal blink shows.

Thats fine, hopefully they do a proper NINE tour and implement these songs. The EOTS20 shows were great in the meantime, plenty of people enjoyed them so I’m glad they happened.


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Some of y'all, like @Ry-Bread write off the reason for this because it's a gaming festival, what the fuck else are they gonna play - By that logic, why do the festival at all? And I forgot no gamer is

Anyone who thinks Matt sounds good has selective hearing. He literally shouts songs off key. He is horrible.

Blink is in a weird spot where they have pulled fans from more than a couple decades. The new stuff doesnt appeal to those of us likely in our late 30s or 40s that grew up with them pre-EOTS. The majo

6 hours ago, Donald Trump's Bulge said:

Oh Matt voice is completely shot. So embarrassing. Hopefully just due long touring?

Setlist sucks, sick of the "its a festival" excuse. There is a new album out. This is ridiculous.

Darkside is turned down and he still can't fucking sing it. As predicted.


@Russel Coight

finally watched it. I thought Matt sounded pretty good. I thought Mark was the one who sounded off in that song specifically.

I didn't watch the entire set but I skipped around. What bugged me was Matt playing the intro to WMAA... he's playing over a backing track of the riff. You can hear them overlapping. Ugh.

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Fall Out Boy did this set on Summer Sonic in Osaka this summer, so this is what a festival set looks for them:


2 Mania (2018)

5 American beauty/American psycho (2015)

3 Save rock n roll (post hiatus 2013)

2 Folie à deux (2008) 

2 Infinity on high (2007)

2 From under a cork tree (2005)

1 Take this to your grave (2003)

That leaves us with :7 pre hiatus & 10 post hiatus


Blinks set list on this show was

11 pre hiatus & 4 post hiatus (with only two of them being full length songs)

It’s not even funny

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