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blink-182 Song Election - Nine

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Biggest surprise to me is Emo Shit was as low on list

I don't forget, but I do hide it in public. 

Wait, you guys had another forum that’s more embarrassing than what happens here?

19 hours ago, ...Dan... said:

I'm always fucking grumpy, I'm British - it's what we do best init. 

Also it's cute that you think this is actually getting read by any of the new people, lets face it, they've all fucked off back to Mongoloid City (otherwise known as Reddit) now they've got their vinyl.  

I dare one of them to prove me wrong by responding to this. 

Point proven, fucking Reddit doss cunts. 

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On Some Emo Shit gets lost in Brooklyn and 11th place

Here are the remaining songs off Nine:

The First Time
Generational Divide
Run Away
Black Rain
Pin The Grenade
No Heart To Speak Of
Hungover You

I don't want Pin the Grenade out - I thought that would crack the top 5?

Voting for Hungover You.

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