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blink-182 Song Election - California

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KOTW - I have really negative connotations to this song because I imagine @Ghent and @JarJarBlinks meeting up on a Friday night, necking back beers and singing this at each other really loudly and out

me looking over the huge number of choices..............

Still drowning in choices over here and Long Lost Feeling gets the ax?? What a shame. It's not a great song but it was at least something that strayed from the formula at the time haha. We still have

Left Alone sinks like a stone into 8th place

Here are the remaining songs off California:

Bored To Death
Built This Pool
Home Is Such A Lonely Place
San Diego
The Only Thing That Matters
Hey I'm Sorry

I'll have to come back to this

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28 minutes ago, Ry-Bread said:

How in the hell is BTP still in this lol... get it out of here!!!! 

It's a shit song but it's staying in for me because at least it's only shit for 17 seconds so would rather than listen to that than a lot of the shit songs that last for three minutes. 

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