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blink-182 Song Election - California

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KOTW - I have really negative connotations to this song because I imagine @Ghent and @JarJarBlinks meeting up on a Friday night, necking back beers and singing this at each other really loudly and out

me looking over the huge number of choices..............

Still drowning in choices over here and Long Lost Feeling gets the ax?? What a shame. It's not a great song but it was at least something that strayed from the formula at the time haha. We still have

Cynical wakes up in 3rd place 


Here are the remaining 2 songs off California:

Built This Pool

The Only Thing That Matters


i can’t believe it! My two favourite songs on California going head to head

remember to post the song you want eliminated below

i can’t choose right now

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Gonna have to go for Built This Pool

I don't love TTOTM but it actually does sound like a blink TOYPAJ song unlike the rest of California aside from a couple like SOOHM or BTD (which to me sounds more like an Enema song). And it's a good song too IMO. Built This Pool is what it is, although good, it is a dumb song but California still has way better songs. I also know that Built This Pool was written whilst Tom was still in the band. I remember hearing it on Mark's podcast. It's completely different to the California Feldman styled one. The original would've been way funnier.

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Okay at this point the lead is pretty much insurmountable....

The Only Thing That Matters is going to heaven above
SO the winner is...

1. Built This Pool
2. The Only Thing That Matters
3. Cynical
4. Hey I'm Sorry
5. San Diego
6. Home Is Such A Lonely Place 
7. Bored To Death
8. Left Alone
9. Last Train Home
10. Teenage Satellites 
11. Bottom of the Ocean
12. Sober
13. Kings of the Weekend
14. Los Angeles
15. 6/8
16. California
17. Rabbit Hole 
18. Long Lost Feeling
19. She's Out Of Her Mind 
20. Good Old Days
21. Brohemian Rhapsody
22. No Future
23. Parking Lot
24. Don't Mean Anything
25. Misery
26. Can't Get You More Pregnant
27. Wildfire


I knew Built This Pool was going to do well
but this well?
It's the greatest.

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