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I decided to finally move my project over to this thread. I probably should have done it ages ago. An admin can delete the old "fuck" thread if they'd like. 

It's been a long couple of years.
Here we are though, starting work on an actual album, finally. What's funny is I'm not even doing it with the people I originally planned on doing it with, instead I'm working with one guy here in San Antonio (bassist), a drummer from Mexico, and a lead guitarist from Canada. I think we are calling it The Internationals (clever, aren't we?). Anyway, we are starting to demo, we have 13 songs lined up for this ... some are poppy and fun, some are a little more aggressive but, hopefully, all will be catchy. 

Anyway, here's one of the tracks we recently finished the music to, it's a bit wonky drum wise (we just used a basic drum beat for it so we can build the guitar and bass before sending it to the drummer for tracking). I'm doing a scratch vocal track for the vocals today so this version doesn't have a vocals to it but it should give you a basic idea of the direction of things. I'll also include the acoustic "idea" version so you guys can see where it started. 




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Here's a little update on things: 

The music is chugging along nicely, we decided to put out an Ep first. It looks like it is gonna be 6 songs, here's the track list. 

Cathode Rachel 
I'm A Ghost

We are demoing these right now, once that's complete we will start production and fly up to Canada to record. 

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