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blink-182 Song Election - Cheshire Cat


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15th place, surprisingly, goes to


Here are the songs from Cheshire Cat:

Touchdown Boy
Peggy Sue
Does My Breath Smell?
Toast and Bananas
Wasting Time
Romeo and Rebecca
Ben Wah Balls




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1 hour ago, Russel Coight said:

Thank god strings is out. 

im seriously struggling here. Was originally gonna go cacophony but then I listened to it and then last part is just too good so I can’t.

i guess I’ll vote depends.

Yeah I listened to album for the first time in years yesterday,  forgot how much I dislike the recorded version of carousel. 

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Fuck everyone, seriously Strings is brilliant. 

14 hours ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

I'm an OG, you're a teenybopper, my votes for this album should count for double!

I'm almost 31 you fucking kiddy fiddler. 

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This thread has made me listen to Cheshire Cat again. I always did like the album but I've only just realised how damn good the album actually is. So many great songs. Carousel is a live staple. M+M's has a great riff and is just a great song in general. Touchdown Boy is so good. My personal favourite is Toast & Bananas. Cacaphony sounds like their first ever experimental song. Peggy Sue and Wasting Time are classics. Sometimes is probably the most punk blink song there is. Blink really were great songwriters from the very beginning IMO. Such a shame 21 Days isn't part of this album.

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