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Happy Days music video ideas

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Alright we’re submitted, fingers crossed!     

just watched the video  skiba is absolutely amazing, haha cool idea and cool realization in current hard situation, i like it a lot 

Fucking unreal. He must have good connections to get a hold of that stuff ...

1 hour ago, Marik said:

I cant even find anywhere the actual rules/request for this clip. 

Other than a VERTICAL video, what else do they want? 10sec clip? 30secs? Full Happy Days length? Do they want the song playing in the background?

No rules beside vertical. Just something your doing in isolation. I’d say unless you’ve got something amazing a shorter clip is better since I assume they’ll be trying to include as many different clips as possible so I’d aim for 10 seconds.

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25 minutes ago, boxelder said:

this was great. surprisingly touching clip, the best since HISALP. both top-tier vids from this era 

Yup. I teared up a bit with all the kids and nurses, the whole world is going through some shit right now and it was a nice reminder that we’re all in this together.

Still love this song btw, never understood the hate on this one.

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