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New AVA Song All That's Left is Love Out Now!

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Seems like the song was written two weeks ago...  

I like it.  That's what you can say about Tom. He can make a catchy song. He also can make those feel-good songs. That's what I feel Blink has been missing the last 4 years. 

Figure we could do a little listen party or something.   

4 minutes ago, Ghent said:

Wait, Kiss and Tell is being used as a standard for a good song?! LOL

Anyone have a link to the new one?

Man Ghent, I'm usually with ya on opinions regarding Angels and Airwaves, so I'm surprised you don't enjoy that one.  Right there with ya on Rebel Girl though.

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1 minute ago, Chewy030 said:

OMG Ghent likes it! 

haha the best first listen reaction I've had to an AVA song in ages. He didn't do anything with his voice that annoyed me, the guitar was fresh sounding, well done. It's already on my playlist

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Ooh this is nice.  I can get behind more music like this, it's different but still so Tom.  He's 2 for 3 with these new songs for me, Rebel Girl was bad, but these last 2 are getting me excited for a full album now.

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