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Blink 182 songs used in television/movies

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28 minutes ago, ManchesterAdam said:

Was called All The Small Things. I’ve got it on DVD actually and know a lot of people that worked on it. A bit cringey but I still love that the BBC made a drama about a kid obsessed with Blink and got the local choir singing Blink songs. Might try watching it again during lockdown!

Yeah, it was a little big cringey, but we were younger back then and it wasn't that bad after all. 

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Feeling This is used on the soundtrack for Madden NFL 2004. 

Back when it was called action. It even said Action when it came on in Madden 

There was a whole show on prime time tv in the uk where the lad was autistic I think and was obsessed with Tom Delonge and they had blink songs throughout. 

Here are a bunch of other ones 😃

- All The Small Things in Charlie's Angels

- What's My Age Again in Loser

- Adam's Song in Roswell (E14, Season 1)

- Dammit in Dawson's Creek (E8, Season 1)

- Voyeur in Godmoney (1999)

- Mutt in Tomcats (2001)



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6 minutes ago, ManchesterAdam said:

I remember an episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch using All The Small Things for some montage or something. Homes Under The Hammer (BBC daytime property show) has used ATST as well.

Did Dion Dublin bust out an air guitar?

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On 8/4/2020 at 5:37 AM, Thibaut182 said:

Found the scene of Dammit playing in the Dawson's Creek episode (Season 1, Episode 8)!



ohhh! So this is really helpful! So, I saw this in real time (when it was released), ...oh, lol but I don't know if I knew the song Dammit yet. hmm...I mean, it IS very likely that I did...

but I definitely knew it later in 98 when Can't Hardly Wait came out with it. Dammit is in this movie.


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On 4/19/2020 at 4:32 AM, uuhhmmaazziinngg said:


Wow!! This is so awesome to see! I completely forgot Ryan Reynolds was in this, and I forgot the name of the show too, but I did watch this back in the day. omg Blink!! :D So cool!! Also might be very helpful for my thought journey...except I can't remember if i knew the song before the show. I mean, come on!! I MUST have! Wish my memory was better. sigh!

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On 4/18/2020 at 9:29 PM, boxelder said:

some of my first introduction to the band was syncs in tv/film. i knew ATST already from radio, but hearing first date in the nickelodeon movie clockstoppers as a kid really started to develop my fandom. today i consider blink to be the best of the pop punk bunch, vastly superior in songwriting IMO, but first date is so accessible and perfect... it could be any of the rest of 'em. it's just a great tune that was perfectly placed in a tween film.

boyhood's certainly a more recent and surprising usage. american pie 2 beginning with ETILFY was always a great one for me. imdb also lists man overboard as a song in the pilot for cavemen, the short-lived ABC sitcom starring the geico cavemen. wtf? haha

oh ty ty ty!!! i saw this movie too!! here's the vid. Nice memory :D

edit: this was messing with time before Evan Peters became Quicksilver. ;)



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On 4/19/2020 at 10:32 AM, Marik said:

I remember loving this scene when it first aired.

And funnily, i remember my sister saying the "hot guy" from his show was the OTHER guy, not the young unknown ryan renyolds.

haha I agree with your sister. :D

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11 hours ago, Tombomb said:

Found one!

Used to watch this show. Forgot about this, but remember it now. So funny! Jami Gertz 😂

(First Date at the Blink show-near the end of this clip. p.s. Just the song is heard.)

The thumbnail for that video reminded me of 8 Simple Rules (another tv show) and the teenage daughter in that show had blink posters in her room. I don't think any blink songs were used in the show, but their poster was in the background a bunch of times. 

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