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The Used ft. Mark Hoppus - The Lighthouse

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Mark Hoppus the feature king.


Thought I was gonna love it until the electro drums/vocals kicked in...it had a cool mood going..still probably one of the better features.  That chorus is horrendous though, fuck off with that.

They should have kept it chill and I would have loved it.

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4 hours ago, tom18222 said:

the used kinda sucked after the first 2 albums. now after kicking out quinn allman they are not the same band anymore 


they did imagenry enemie with quinn(last record he was part of the creation of)

and that record was a rather big letdown despite some real great songs on it

they needed this their new guitarist fits in perfectly with how they are now and the sort of music they want 2 make

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4 hours ago, anders182 said:

His wife? I read on wiki that his friend Tregen died.. 

Just looked it up, pregnant ex girlfriend, not wife. I was told by a mate at the time that a bunch of the songs were about his recently deceased wife and it made a lot of the songs really painful to listen to, didn't ever actually look it up though til now haha

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Love the album as a whole, best thing they’ve done since In Love and Death. But this is definitely a weaker track on it. If you even at all ever liked the Used give this album a go much better than most of their recent efforts 

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