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Side Project Song Election - The Dream Walker

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Wolfpack, with a better mix it could’ve shined, in its current form it’s a no go.

I also don’t get the love for Kiss With A Spell by all the fans that despise their older sound, it’s the same sound as breath imo


edit: my vote is that Wolfpack get to pack it’s things and be on its way

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I have come to the conclusion this past week that Mercenaries may be their greatest song.

Mercenaries came up on shuffle while I was in the car with my sister and she was like "is this AVA?" And I was like "Yeaah" and she said "huh" in a surprised way and I was like "what?" and she was jus

Tunnels is one of my favourite blink related songs. That can't lose to Wolfpack!

I'm voting bullets cuz it has more of a shot of getting booted. I actually really like Kiss With A Spell and Anomaly lol

I like Bullets but the chorus is really boring. 

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I'd boot off Anomaly, especially now we know Tom wrote it with Chris Cote's wife in mind. Despicable.

Jks,but I was never really a fan, the register of Tom's voice in it always sounded off to me. Mercs has gotta win this

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Like a ghost, Bullets sinks down to 6th


Here are the remaining songs from The Dream Walker:

The Wolfpack
Kiss with a Spell


it's almost certainly getting to the top 3
but Anomaly

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