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blink-182 Song Election - BEST SONG

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Dumpweed.  A great song - as they all are on this list . After like 7 years of being a blink fan I barely ever listen to it. My boy 21 Days deserves better  Edit : How do you stop the crabs


Wasting Time, it's sooooooo bad

Dumpweed is too scared to stay in this comp
8th place

Here are the remaining best of the best blink songs:

Dysentery Gary
Feeling This
Not Now
Stockholm Syndrome


tough choice
gotta relisten to some of these

Not Now is top 3 though - you guys are cray cray bananas

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That blink album that should've been made in 2005, that would've been filled with 11 Not Now's. IMAGINE.

I'll go Dammit, if Tom sang the chorus on the studio version...who knows

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Not Now.

I tend to associate certain songs to moments in life and it either ends up being a good or a bad thing. I love Not Now, but it always reminds me of the end of blink and it makes me so emotional & I just don't see it on the same level as Carousel, Feeling This, Pathetic or Dammit. 

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On 5/21/2020 at 2:26 AM, _Bagel said:

Surprised Cynical didn't win the best song on Cali, that opener is unreal.

The Only Thing That Matters - for me, one of the most forgettable tunes on California (keeping BTP for a bit because of the riffs)

I agree _Bagel I absolutely love Cynical and it hasn't been played live much at all. Sucks😰

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10 minutes ago, Iblinkfor182Always said:

It's super hard for me because I'm a blink freak and Love 97% out of 100% of their songs. I'd have to go with the 3 songs that cause me to cry (happy tears) every time I see them in concert. 1.Down 2. Stay together for the kids. 3. Violence 



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