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Best Album Election!


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Enema is in a state of shock as it takes 3rd place

Here are the 2 remaining albums to choose from:

Dude Ranch


no idea how this is going to go
remember to vote for the album you want eliminated!

voting for Self-titled

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Dude, where's my ranch?

that means the winner is...

1. Untitled
2. Dude Ranch
3. Enema Of The State
4. Box Car Racer
5. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
6. Neighborhoods
7. When Your Heart Stops Beating
8. Cheshire Cat
9. The Mark, Tom and Travis Show
10. We Don't Need To Whisper
11. I-Empire
12. The Dream Walker
13. Love Part 1 & 2*
14. Nine
15. Buddha
16. California + Deluxe**

*The LOVE albums were combined 2 rounds into the election
**California sucks ass

Okay well I'm cool with this
Dude Ranch has more individual songs I enjoy but the untitled record is deserving

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