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California & Nine combined


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1 Bottom of the Ocean
2 Heaven
3 Happy Days
4 DarkSide
5 Last Train Home
6 Black Rain
7 Good ol Days
8 Long Lost Feeling
9 No Heart to Speak of
10 On Some Emo Shit
11 Generational Divide
12 Remember to Forget Me

didn't include the bonus track. I probably should've

With both California and Deluxe

1 San Diego
2 Heaven
3 Sober
4 Darkside
5 Good Ol Days
6 Long Lost Feeling
7 No Heart to Speak of
8 On Some Emo Shit
9 Hey I'm Sorry
10 Teenage Satellites
11 No Future
12 California


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1. Cynical
2. First Time
3. Bored To Death
4. 6/8
5. Heaven
6. Misery
7. Left Alone
8. Last Train Home
9. No Heart To Speak Of
10. The Only Thing That Matters
11. Blame It On My Youth
12. Home Is Such A Lonely Place

Not Another X-mas Song would've knocked off BIOMY, but I stuck to the rules. There really are some killer Skiba era blink songs that I am forever grateful for.

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I couldn't do it, I've made my own version of California using songs from the original album as well as the deluxe. And my own version of Nine where I threw away BIOMY and Generation Divide and then rearranged the track order. 

But I love both of those album versions and couldn't cut any more songs from any of them

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4 minutes ago, daveyjones said:

"Built This Pool"
"Home Is Such a Lonely Place"
"The Only Thing That Matters"
"Brohemian Rhapsody"
"Hey I'm Sorry"
"Parking Lot"
"Last Train Home"
"Can't Get You More Pregnant"
"Out of My Head"
"The First Time"
"Generational Divide"

Out of my head wasnt on the albums. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind Parking Lot. People are gonna flip you included that lol

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1. The First Time
2. Heaven
3. I Really Wish I Hated You
4. Los Angeles
5. Black Rain
6. Generational Divide
7. No Heart to Speak Of
8. Darkside
9. Bottom of the Ocean
10. Long Lost Feeling
11. San Diego
12. Remember to Forget Me

It's All Fading to Black with XXXTentacion (BONUS)

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3 hours ago, daveyjones said:

NINE is second to last for me. only untitled is worse.

Come on, even if you hate what untitled stands for with blink, you know it's a better album than Nine.

You like an unmemorable album with only 1/3 of the OG members in it better than an '03 album? 

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