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California & Nine combined


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Just now, daveyjones said:

he might have been sick. he clearly wants to go home.

Yea and I just had to throw a jab at Scott but in all honesty I respect the hell out of him. He helped make the music that he liked (skate punk type stuff) and he has remained insanely quiet ever since he was booted. The man must have an incredible amount of self discipline because almost everyone else in the world would have sold some dirt on Mark and Tom, or at least tried to use his blink ties for fame. Which he never did, so honestly hats off to the guy. I can assume he is a stand up gentleman. 

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1 hour ago, Bucko said:

1. Cynical

2. Bored to death 

3. Heaven

4. Darkside

5. Misery


7. San Diego

8. Black Rain 

9. Pin the Grenade

10. No heart to speak of 

11. Ransom 

12. On some emo shit 

13. Long lost feeling 


You were asked to choose 12

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10 hours ago, Diddy Faplord said:

He played pretty great this last tour. Honestly plays better than Tom did in the last few years, so not really sure what your point is? If you wanna talk about skipping guitar parts we can pull up clips of Tom all day. 


I'm not a huge fan of Skiba in blink. Love him in Alkaline Trio but not blink so much. When I saw them in 2016, he was fairly "meh". Tom's been sloppy, sure, but he's been better than Skiba when I've seen blink.


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10 hours ago, daveyjones said:

this is sort of the trump card for any complaints about skibba.

plenty of clams 


I still had way more fun with this than any blink-Skiba performance.  It's definitely terrible but still finds a way to have more energy. Everything with blink-Skiba just feels 'safe'.

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