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New Song: "Quarantine"

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Hey this is pretty sweet! I think the lyrics are pretty cool for the subject matter to be honest, I expected cheese but Mark's got a good mix of sarcasm and plainspoken anger and calling out political idiocy happening around us.

Not really sure what to make of the fact that Skiba had nothing to do with the song, but for now I'm just pleasantly surprised by this one!

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quick google search, but thanks for your concern

"lockdown too short to last long"

"i fell in love with the girl in the zoom call. pinned her vid in the grid and she doesn't know. everything's better in her trivia round. she's on mute but i still check her out. i fell in love with t

1. happy the band is putting out new music.
2. i like the production alot, brian lee can stay around for another few songs imo
3. speaking of brian lee lol at no skiba on the credits.  further solidifys my theory of his need to be involved was most likely a contractual thing up to a certain point virus or not.
4. i thought lyrics were somewhat corny at first pass but after a few listens its just a fun nod to this wack time.
and lastly 5. cant trust travis' description ever... "new fan favorite" idk about that one but its a fun nice treat to put out for the fans.

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Intro reminds me of “We’ve Had Enough” from Alk3 for a moment after multiple listens, so that is ironic how someone said earlier this does seem like a “Skiba” style song on guitar and he’s not there lol.

I love the lyrics and silly as it sounds, I enjoy the profanity which there hasn’t been much of lately.

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1 hour ago, Jon Benjamin said:

This may be the first Blink song to come out since I’ve been a fan (enema era) that i just don’t like. For the record I loved California and rank Nine as their third best album, above Enema even. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but I doubt it. 

Someone get this guy some professional help 

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