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2020 "New EP News" Thread

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BTD sounds absolutely nothing like TOYPAJ or Enema. 

Spinning up a new thread to keep track of all the news leading up to the next blink release. Mark has stated NINE DLX is not happening, and that they are currently working on new music for an EP. I wi

That dude is in Blink?

I think some of the collabs have been pretty good. The Steve Aoki song is practically just a blink song where the mixer had a bigger role and say than normal.  And I love the Oliver Tree song.  Others are pretty lame though like the Chainsmokers and Goody Grace ones.

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Mark said no long songs on the ep. someone asked if there were any long songs since it’s been a long time and he said no.

He also said three songs sound maybe like dude Ranch. But also it’s all over the place per usual, classic blink and weird and experimental

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2 hours ago, Cheerios4u98 said:

long blink songs are so rare anyway. and when they are "long" they're usually just normal length songs with an extra long intro or outro.

The only long one I remember really is I'm Lost Without You haha. Would be nice to have some songs just over 4 minutes up to 4 and a half minutes though. Some of the best blink songs have been like that such as Not Now, Asthenia, Adam's Song and PLG (outside of the rap). Even GOTDF, Always, All of This and Snake Charmer were good songs over 4 minutes.

It all depends on the kinda songs they write though. I don't think they have it in them to write great 4 minute songs with Feldman as the producer. Bored to Death is almost 4 minutes but I wasn't a fan of the outro. Think that outro would've been better with the whole track fading out like Snake Charmer does. Instead, it sounds like it's building up more then it's just nothing after that (similar to Long Lost Feeling in that sense but it works for that song). Keyboards would've been cool for it too.

The next longest song under Feldman I'm guessing is No Heart to Speak Of but that song is already perfect as it is IMO.

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