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New generation of pop punk


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11 minutes ago, ye. said:

from my little time spent listening to her, she's still much more of a pop artist that's just incorporating guitar and recognizable elements into her music. i doubt she spends much more effort than that into being "pop punk", which i think is the difference.

For sure, I don't think there's any kind of attempt to BrInG bAcK pOp PuNk with her she just has a tiny bit of guitar and energy in her songs haha

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8 minutes ago, Scott. said:

it’s not something I’d listen too at 33 years old haha but I appreciate it though and I love Willow’s voice. It’s good fun. @Kay what you think? I know you have a little soft spot for Willow

I do have a soft spot, I love her voice and I've read some interviews with her and I think she's got a good head on her shoulders. Seems very "Fuck you, I'm gonna do what I want, I might do a metal album at some point, fuck it, I love music" and I kind of adore that haha. 

This is a bit basic but hey it's catchy and I'm weirdly loving Avril's return as well. 

I'm not a fan of the production particularly but it's pretty fun and light, not trying to be super dramatic or anything.

Meh about the video though. 

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1 minute ago, scoobs said:

And a single next week.  She's said its going to be pop punk music, curious what it will sound like. Side note: how does she still look so good?  Hasn't aged a day

Tbf she’s not as old as you probably think she is. Shes only like 36 i think?

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