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Last year I went on a gear safari and ended up with original runs of both the Tom and Mark signature Fenders, in surf green and daphne blue, respectively. Today the owner of my local guitar shop called and told me that Gibson Nashville has one brand new Tom Delonge Epiphone Left in their warehouse. I’ve been losing eBay wars and having marketplace people flake on me for so long I never thought I’d get one, let alone for the standard price, new from the manufacturer. Had to post here because I was just approved for this forum this morning, and then the phone rang. Fucking cosmic. Also, nobody but my best friend cares and I had to tell someone. 

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1 hour ago, Patient #48273 said:

Awesome find!

BTW, I think you might enjoy this thread.


Eeesh. Good on him for attempting that. I honestly thought my luck was too good and when I went to pick it up I would find something like this instead. Luckily not the case. I didn’t do a full photo shoot like I did with the fenders, but I did take this after I jammed it for a while...


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