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Rob Perelman Interview

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Just dropped a new "182 News" episode which features special guest @veeRob! This was a rad conversation and I appreciate Rob taking time to hop on. (I'm glad he stumbled upon the forums a few years back!) Rob created the very first blink website, and shared some incredible stories about the launch of Dude Ranch/EOTS, Scott's departure, the original Josie music video, being in the Dammit music video, Dude Ranch demos, and more. He also shared some incredible photos that he took which I will be sharing throughout the next few weeks on our socials. Will also try and get them in here, along with relevant video links.


Here is the YouTube link, it is also available on Apple Podcasts/Spotify/iHeartRadio/Google Podcasts,etc:


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Again Ryan thank you for the amazing hard work with the podcast, this was such an interesting interview from another legend of the boards Rob!

Learned a lot of new stuff by the way (the signed posters during the Dammit video shoot, the two unheard Dude Ranch demos!), those 2 hours were very insightful!

As always I really appreciate the name drop along with the other members in regards to the blink timeline, you rule!

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