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Tom DeLonge Backup Sticker Strat (1997?-?)


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This was a seldom used backup guitar to Tom's main Sticker Strat in 1997. As blinkstillrules mentioned it made only three documented appearances, all in that year:

- Nile Theater Mesa AZ, June 21st (set entirety)

- Orange Pavilion CA, September 6th (Josie & Touchdown Boy)

- Metropolis, Montreal, October 2nd (Untitled to end of the show)

The specs it shares with the main sticker are the HSS pickup configuration and the rosewood fretboard.

The features that distinguish the two are:

- Off-white color (as opposed to bright white)

- Wildly different stickers

- Stock neck and middle single coil pickups

- Black bridge humbucker, not angled

I have theory about the humbucker in this guitar; that its an SD Invader. I think Tom decided it sounded better than the X2N that was in his main Sticker Strat. He later used the Invader pickup in his Les Paul's, and of course all of his signature Fender strats. Also, listening to the October 2nd 97 show (specifically Dammit) to me the tone sounds closer to his 1999-2000 live tone. 

As far as the stickers go, the only one that is confirmed is the b&w alien workshop sticker on the back. We have a theory that the r/w/b sticker on the pickguard is billabong; it is very similar looking to their waves logo. Until then, it is up for conjecture what Tom slapped on this thing.

More photos/references:

Montreal, 10/2/97; gotta keep those spare picks under that pickguard!


Nile Theater, 6/21/97; you can see here Tom didn't stick anything on the sides


However, he did put something on the back of the headstock. 


If you look closely, you can see a serial number at the bottom left. This indicates this guitar is another Fender Strat, but a regular American Standard model. Here's an example of a 1997 American Standard Strat headstock.



Back (serial number placement matches):


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A few very interesting time stamps on the Metropolis show regarding that mystery back-up guitar

At 29:26 while Tom is dancing, a short glimpse of the back of the guitar / 29:58 / 31:24 / 35:41 / 41:23 / 41:24 / 42:37 / 45:28 short glimpse of the back of the guitar while Tom is putting his guitar next to the drumkit / 47:03 / 53:47 and 53:48  lower back of the back of the guitar




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14 minutes ago, blinkstillrules said:

I'm wondering if that one sticker behind the bridge is a CIV sticker?



Upon closer inspection, you may be right!

Appears to be a yellow/black die cut of their classic logo 


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Some more great shots of the back. You can see the alien head sticker; from a skate company called alien workshop. There's also a bunch of 'mystery meat' on the back that is not identifiable.



Nile Theater:



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