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Not too Proud


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I walk around on ashpalt streets
I put my ass on faltered seats
I have nothing to show for
No union job or private chaffeur
Only a heart that yearns and beats


I'm not too proud
I've got no cross to bear
I've played the fool forever
The secret is out
And I don't care
Not too proud
to say it's only me to blame
I messed up my chances
I'm not too proud
but I'm not ashamed

Yeah I know I'm an idiot
But at least I'm admidding it 
They say I'm all alone
on the chair known as the idiotic throne
but at least I got to sit in it


I've learned what to do sir
I promise I'll obey
It's true all you say
I know that I'm a loser
9 to 5 is not for me
And when I say I'm tormented
You can tell I sure meant it
But the world will just have to adore me

In the end the best of all
I'm the most stressed of all
I've stopped making sense
I have some imaginary friends
I should start a festival

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