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Rank the Skiba Era Songs


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alright, i'm not sure when this was last done (certainly it has been), but modern blink has now released nearly 50 songs in total, not counting joke songs and including collabs. let's rank 'em. there's plenty of songs in here i disliked upon first release that have grown on me, and there's others that have fallen down the rankings. some remain the same (IRWIHY should've never even seen the light of day... IMO).

  1. cynical
  2. san diego
  3. pin the grenade
  4. heaven
  5. generational divide
  6. home is such a lonely place
  7. no heart to speak of
  8. bored to death
  9. SOOHM
  10. sober
  11. 6/8
  12. los angeles
  13. KOTW
  14. teenage satellites
  15. hey i'm sorry
  16. on some emo shit
  17. long lost feeling
  18. TOTTM
  19. darkside
  20. run away
  21. the first time
  22. ransom
  23. misery
  24. hungover you
  25. parking lot
  26. rabbit hole
  27. quarantine
  28. BIOMY
  29. no future
  30. out of my head
  31. not another christmas song
  32. left alone
  33. black rain
  34. happy days
  35. don't mean anything
  36. california
  37. scumbag
  38. last train home
  39. bottom of the ocean
  40. good old days
  41. PS I hope you're happy
  42. why are we so broken
  43. it's all fading to black
  44. remember to forget me
  45. wildfire
  46. death bed
  47. let me down
  48. i really wish i hated you
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  1. First Time
  2. Heaven, Bored To Death, TOTTM, Long Lost Feeling, Wildfire
  3. Last Train Home, Run Away, Ransom, Scumbag, PS I Hope You're Happy,
  4. Christmas Song, Sober, Los Angeles, Hey I'm Sorry, On Some Emo Shit
  5. Darkside, Rabbit Hole, San Diego, Don't Mean Anything
  6. KOTW, California, Death Bed, It's All Fading To Black, Falling Down, Out of my Head

         *Rest trash*


First Time is easily the only song that gave me full blink vibes, despite having some iffy lyrics.  BTD for the nostalgia of the initial drop.  Wildfire my sleeper favorite.  Features have been generally better than most their releases.  Left Alone controversial hate for.

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2 minutes ago, NotNow said:

Me reading that list seeing why are we so broken, ps I hope you’re happy, let me down, death bed, scumbag on it going huh? I have no idea what songs those are.

Jan fancies herself a comedian.

Correction: they are songs Blink did with other artists. 

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Tier 1 - Los Angeles, First Time, No Heart to Speak Of

Tier 2 - San Diego, Bottom of the Ocean, Long Lost Feeling, Heaven, Generational Divide, Black Rain, On Some Emo Shit

Tier 3 - Bored to Death, Home Is Such a Lonely Place, The Only Thing That Matters, Misery, Hey I'm Sorry, Last Train Home, 6/8, Kings of the Weekend, Blame It On My Youth, Run Away, I Really Wish I Hated You, Pin the Grenade, Ransom, Hungover You, Remember to Forget Me, Darkside, Quarantine

Tier 4 - Cynical, No Future, Teenage Satellites, Left Alone, Parking Lot, Good Old Days, Happy Days, Not Another Christmas Song

Tier 5 - She's Out of Her Mind, Sober, Rabbit Hole, California, Don't Mean Anything, Wildfire, Out Of My Head

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