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Tom’s Voice

Mr Blonde

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4 minutes ago, twentytwenty said:

I like his live voice in 2003. 

But I would probably say that his peak studio voice was in 2007 imho.

I’m just going to ignore this because of how horribly wrong you are.

35 minutes ago, Scott. said:

When do you think Tom’s voice was at its peak? 

For me it’s the Box Car Racer album. Fucking perfection. 

I’d say BCR as well, it was still pretty good with Untitled but in places you can hear his voice going more “off”

I do think he’s more comfortable now with how his voice has changed, though. It was problematic on WDNTW and probably it’s worst around I Empire and then just stuck around there. In later releases he seems to understand those limitations a little better and as a result some of his songwriting choices seem to focus on lower pitched elements more like Losing My Mind and Spellbound. It’s nowhere near the good old days and still sounds rough AF in some places but definitely isn’t his worst.

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definitely TOYPAJ-era, but he's always been a very spotty vocalist. he sounds the most consistent at the peak of the band's fame, both live and in studio. he gets sloppier with each successive tour from there, and then there's a huge shift with AVA obviously (most clear when you compare distraction with anything else on WDNTW). to tell you the truth he's never really recovered. he sounded horrible on all the reunion blink tours, and it's pretty comical on the latest AVA dates/recordings. at least it appears the weird guttural grunts and noises he was into a decade ago are gone.

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1 hour ago, thongrider said:

I think after "All the Small Things" he got known for the Tom DeLonge voice. And to me it sounds like he is trying to imitate his own voice on all the other albums after that.

this is a pretty interesting take. combined with his pretty obvious and uncomfortable response to fame, plus later delusions of grandeur, this may not be far off.

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There was the clearest dropoff ever with AvA, especially after WDNTW (he still had much Tom in some of those songs), but I really liked his voice on Rebel Girl for some reason (not peak by any means).

TOYPAJ-Boxcar he had a really good peak, Untitled I love but that was a lot of Finn.

Dude Ranch he was fun, but would definitely agree with the TOYPAJ-Boxcar vote.

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