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Controversial Blink Opinion

Mr Blonde

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I have a few that I've said elsewhere that got me some Trolliver crabs, so why not get some here.

1. I enjoy Neighborhoods far more than I enjoy Untitled.

2. I like Scott's drumming more than Travis' (not saying Scott is the better drummer)

3. Skiba is a great songwriter but a poor fit for Blink

4. Co-writers for a band like Blink is lame, I understood using them on California as it takes time for a band to find chemistry with new members but using them on Nine (as much as I enjoy some of the songs) felt like a copout.

5. Take Off Your Pants & Jacket is the best Blink album

6. I like Tom more than Mark, it's not even close.

7. Adam's Song sucks, it's a skip every time and always has been.

8. Bad things happen when Travis is given control over music ... Fallen Interlude, Yelawolf, Lil' Wayne ...

9. Box Car Racer didn't age well. 

10. "Mom & Dad, they quite don't understand it" is the worse line ever written by Tom.

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- Travis… sucks. Good musician, for sure, but I dislike basically everything about him and his book made me dislike him even more.

- the MTTS isnt very good. Basically all of the original recordings are better than this faux live show. The jokes are funny, though

- Cheshire > Buddha

- To extend on my last point, Cheshire Carousel is vastly superior.

- Pathetic is the best blink opener

- Dude Ranch’s production is totally fine.

- Dogs Eating Dogs isn’t as good as Neighborhoods

- Untitled is good. It’s not the best record ever, it’s also not terrible. It’s… fine?

- Tom’s voice is more tolerable now than it was at the start of AVA

- Lifeforms is better than California and Nine

- TOYPAJ > Enema

- Even If She Falls / After Midnight / Disaster / Cliff Diving are all overrated turds of songs.

- Rock Show has overtaken ATST as “the most irritating blink-182 single” and I have no idea why. 

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9 hours ago, .437 beats .40 __chess said:

Carousel is wank and should not be this notable early days song.


Love Is Dangerous is a top Neighborhoods track.

Already at the first reply I’m thinking about deleting this thread. 

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2 hours ago, Champ182 said:

Skiba seemed excited about Blink for exactly one show (the original Musink Festival when he was just filling in) and has seemed checked out ever since officially joining the band.

I hadn’t thought about it like that and idk if it’s as cut and dry as that one show but his interest seems definitely waned. 

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58 minutes ago, Kay said:

I hadn’t thought about it like that and idk if it’s as cut and dry as that one show but his interest seems definitely waned. 

In my opinion it seems like he jumped onboard thinking it would be fun but by the time they put out California he was simultaneously "the new guy" and already completely over it. My purely hypothetical guess is that he thought they'd be more of an "Alk-44" type band and then got disillusioned when they scrapped the original songs and called up Feldy, but has stayed on because of loyalty and/or good money. Whatever the case, we're SEVEN YEARS into his tenure in Blink and he still doesn't seem like an actual member, and doesn't seem to have much fun being in the band.

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